Google Account Manager APK FRP Bypass | All Android Versions

Google Account Manager is an application that handles most of the Google apps that are installed on a smartphone/tablet. Google originally developed this free utility tool to help users install apps from the Play Store. Not only that, with the help of this utility app you will be able to easily manage and add more than 1 Google account into an Android device.

In general, the Google Account Manager is factory-installed in most of the Android devices. However, suppose you are looking to replace the current version for any reason. In that case, you can easily do it by getting the installation file that is available for all the Android versions below this post. Simply download and install the GAM APK, according to the current Android version of your device.

Google Account Manager APK | Complete Features

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Google Account Manager APK is an application that helps a user control verification and access to different applications on a smartphone. This is a method that Google provides for its users. What’s more, GAM APK can be a useful tool to remove the previously submitted account details.

Moreover, it gives the option to add or sign in with a new Google account of the user’s choice. Google Account Manager has multiple features that have been used by many Android users. Such as, it can be used to manage and handle Privacy Settings, Security Settings, Account Information, Online Payments, Subscriptions to paid apps, and much more.

This app gives an amazing feature to check the recent activity in your account. This makes automatic sync easy for all your favorite apps. That means you can automatically save the data of any app to the Google Account Manager APK, and the data will keep updating after any change you make to the synced applications.

Surprisingly, you are going to get multiple useful features from this app, such as organizing Google contacts to connect with different users or to block a particular user from Google services, and customizing the sharing settings of any application. However, to get access to all these useful features, or to manage the apps and Google services, you should have at least 1 Gmail account. After logging in with 1 Gmail account, you will be able to add as many accounts as you want.

Download Google Account Manager APK | All Versions

GAM APK VersionsAndroid OS Support
Google Account Manager 12 APKAndroid Version 12 (Upcoming)
Google Account Manager 11 APKAndroid Version 11
Google Account Manager 10 APKAndroid Version 10
Google Account Manager 9 APKAndroid Version 09
Google Account Manager 8 APKAndroid Version 08
Google Account Manager 7 APKAndroid Version 07
Google Account Manager 6 APKAndroid Version 06
Google Account Manager 5 APKAndroid Version 05

Is it possible to bypass the FRP lock using GAM?

Considering everything, Google account manager APK gives you the option to add or remove saved Google accounts from a phone. This feature is quite helpful to remove the previously submitted Google account that is locked by FRP.

If you don’t remember the Gmail ID or Password of the previously saved account and you are stuck to the FRP lock screen. Then yes, this APK will not only remove the old account but also give an option to add a new Google account of your choice. Not only that, after removing the old account, you can also create a new Google account from scratch. You also need to use the FRP Bypass APK to open the direct login page, the complete step-by-step guide is available for free.


  • Removes previously submitted Google Account
  • Gives an option to create a new Google Account
  • Sign in with any account of the user’s choice
  • Enables easy data sync to all the apps
  • Helps to customize settings
  • Can add multiple Gmail Accounts at once


Applications Specs

File NameGAM APK, Google_Accont_Manager_APK
Android Versions5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12
Operating System SupportAndroid v5 to Android v12
DeveloperGoogle LLC
File ExtensionAPK

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